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 We can provide you with our secure DVI dongles, Smartcards and encryption (data processing) Servers. It all comes with easy to use, clear APIs. The APIs (driver) can be run via command line. Create! Design custom secure solutions for GOV and DOD, build financial trading systems, develop corporate or Medical WEB applications and portals.



DVI dongles


DVI dongle is a pure hardware device. The dongle connects to an endpoint computer, linking between computer’s DVI output and monitor’s DVI input ports. Being a pure hardware device, with standard DVI interfaces and is fully transparent to computer's hardware and it's operating system. The DVI dongle does not require any drivers or software to be installed. It works with any OS.
The dongle can capture and decrypt encrypted images as they appear on the desktop view. Each dongle has a unique ID number and private key set.

ID SmartCards


Each user gets a personal ID smart card. The Smart card comes with the dedicated reader that links directly to the DVI dongle. By linking directly it bypasses the endpoint computer completely. The smartcard holds user’s unique personal ID and his private key set. Since the card links directly to the DVI dongle it is transparent to the computer and its operating system and therefore no drivers or software are required. Both the DVI dongle and Smartcard work with all operating systems; Win, Mac, Linux, Unix, etc.

Servers & API


Server comes with linux operating system and a software driver for image processing. Also a dedicated hardware card for encryption and key management is included. Through command line a plain text image could be converted into encrypted image. The driver encrypts images with keys of Users & Devices (e.g. smart card’s ID’s and DVI dongle ID’s) as provided via command line. Such encrypted images can only be viewed from a PC with the right combination of DVI dongle & User ID smartcard.

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