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Adding cutting edge security to your products enhances customer trust.

In the core of DVI dongle technology  is a single chip that can be integrated on the motherboard of a Laptop, a Desktop or a Cell Phone.

It is a pure hardware solution, fully transparent to OS and Bios. No drivers or software changes are needed. Integrating the chip is quick and easy.



Leverage your skills and ideas with new and innovative technology.

We can provide you with our secure  DVI dongles, Smartcards, encryption (data processing) Servers. It all comes with easy to use, clear APIs.

Have an idea for a great product? Design custom solutions for GOV and DOD, build financial trading systems, develop custom secure corporate WEB portals or Medical data bases.

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Cutting edge technology that might help sway the costumers your way.

SiVizion is a partner oriented company. We are dynamic and innovative team, providing secure email solutions.

In our hands we have a unique and exciting product. And in your mind you might have the clients that are looking for a solution just like this. Let’s partner.




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