Secure Email exchange solution that prevents data leakage.

  • What we do: Provide secure Email & Docs exchange solutions that prevent data leakage.
  • How we do it: DVI dongle links externally to an endpoint PC and protects Email contents.
  • What is DVI dongle: Hardware device linking between endpoint's computer and its display.
  • What DVI dongles do: DVI dongles prevent recipients from coping or forwarding Emails.
  • What else: DVI dongles prevent data leakage if recipient's PC is lost, stolen or hacked.


Sending confidential messages and documents via email puts our data at risk. Sensitive information might leak out. That is a problem. By sending out data in plain text form we expose it to several leakage threats. 1. Unloyal Insiders. Recipients could forward, copy or print out our sensitive data. 2. Malware & Trojans. Recipient's computer might be hacked or infected with malware and lead to leakage of our confidential data. 3. Endpoint security. Recipient's computer might be lost or stolen with our proprietary data on it. And the list of threats goes on.  Now, from one hand we don't want our sensitive data to leak out from the other hand we need to exchange data to do business and we want to do it quickly and easily. What to do? SiVizion has a solution for you, learn more.




SiVizion provides secure Email exchange solutions that prevents data leakage. It is based on SiVizion's patented DVI dongle technology. Emails and documents sent via SiVizion's email exchange: 1. Can not be forwarded, copied or printed out by recipients. 2. Malware or trojans that might reside at recipient's computer can't snatch your email's contents. 3. Your Emails are safe even if recipient's computer is lost or stolen. 4. Email access is granted only after three factor user authenticatio n. SiVizion's email exchange solution includes an Email exchange server that encrypts data and DVI dongles that link to user's endpoint computers and provide secure Email access. DVI dongles work without installing any software on recipient's PC and support Win, Mac, Linux, Unix.






Email_send_receive_safe_147x147.jpgHow it works

To send emails and documents securely you don't need to install any software or hardware on your computer. Just email it via your SiVizion email account. SiVizion email account can be accessed online, via web browser or can be linked to your Outlook (with SMTP, POP3, IMAP). When you send an email it first arrives at SiVizion's email exchange server and gets encrypted, as well as all email's attachments. Then it is sent to recipients. Recipients receive such email in their inbox as any other email, yet to read out it's contents they will need to have a DVI dongle attached to their computer (DVI dongle protects your email's data from leakage on recipient's PC). Recipients don't need to install any software or drivers on their PC and the solution works will all OS: Win, Mac, Linux, Unix. 





SiVizion provides secure Email & Document exchange solutions that prevent data leakage. You can use it as a service; sign up online for a secure email account and we will ship you a DVI dongle kit. Link the DVI dongle to you endpoint computer and enjoy a secure email service. This is mainly for individuals and small businesses. For large businesses you can buy the solution as a product; order SiVizion's email exchange server and multiple DVI dongle kits then setup a secure local Email exchange service. SiVizion server comes installed and with special hardware card for encrypting emails. DVI dongles come with personal ID smartcards so not only to protect data from leakage but also to ensure user identity. DVI donlges work with any OS: Win, Mac, Linux, Unix.



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