Full Email account linked to your local email exchange server. 

  • What do you need to start. SiVizion email server and a DVI dongle linked to your PC.
  • How do you send Emails. As any regular email, only through SiVizion email account.
  • Email Encryption. Sent emails encrypted automatically by SiVizion's email server.
  • How recipients get Emails. Encrypted emails arrive to their SiVizion email account.
  • Opening Emails. DVI dongle decrypts email contents and sends it directly to display.


Logo_email_147x147.jpgSetting up the Email exchange

What do you need to start. SiVizion's secure email solution includes DVI dongles that link to an endpoint computer and special email exchange servers that process and encrypt data. So you will need: 1. A DVI dongle kit, one per each user / endpoint PC. Connect the dongle to your computer. It links externally to DVI port of the PC, plugging between a computer and a monitor. 2. Create your SiVizion email account by signing up at After signing up the email could be accessed online, via web browser or linked to your Outlook. 3. Choose which server will process your emails. Here are two options; Link the account to a online email server. It's quick and easy. Or you could buy such server, place it in your server room and setup local Intranet email exchange.




Sending and Receiving Emails

To send messages and documents via your SiVizion email account you do not need to install any software or drivers on your computer. Therefore it works with any OS; Win, Mac, Linux, etc. You can access your SiVizion email account online, via a web browser. Or link the account to your Outlook with SMTP, IMAP or POP3. Or both. Exchanging messages and attached documents via SiVizion email is easy and it feels and functions like a regular email. Just write a message and email it, you don't need to enter any security parameters or rules. Sent emails are encrypted automatically by the email exchange server, which also sets all the relevant security rules. Receiving encrypted emails is also easy, it arrives in your email inbox and could be opened just like any other regular email.







Encrypting Emails & Documents

To send emails and documents securely Alice doesn't need to install any SW or HW on her PC. Just email it via her SiVizion email account. Such emails first arrive at SiVizion's email exchange server and get encrypted. 1. This is done by converting Email's body (text) message into an image that represent it's contents. It's like taking a picture of the email. 2. Next such content representing images are converted into encrypted images by encrypting their pixel data with AES. Now such encrypted images look like "snowy" images and without the secret key it's contents can't be viewed. 3. Then the body message of the original email is substituted with such encrypted image/s. It now looks just as another standard email, only with pictures instead of text in the body message. Same goes for PDF attachments, they are substituted with PDFs having encrypted images on every page.




Opening encrypted Emails & Docs

1. To receive encrypted emails Bob doesn't need to install any drivers or software on his PC. Emails arrive to his SiVizion email account and can be accessed via Outlook or via a web browser. It's easy. 2. Now if Bob or anybody else opens such encrypted email all that will appear on the screen is "snowy" images. 3. To view / decrypt the contents of such encrypted email / image Bob needs a DVI dongle to be linked to his PC. It connects between a computer and a monitor. The dongle servers as a video buffer. It captures, processes and retransmits the desktop view. As encrypted Emails are opened, the encrypted images that are inside appear on desktop view. The DVI dongle detects them, decrypts and substitutes with a decrypted image. Then such modified desktop view is sent to display, directly. Now data can not leak out, recipients can only browse it. Watch a 3min video.